Ethiopia Buncho Honey


12oz. bag
Tasting notes: Raisin, Nectarine, Floral

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Shantawene Buncho is a station found adjacent to Gatta Farm and a mesmerizing waterfall. Sourcing coffees from the farm and nearby farmers, It processes red cherries with Honey Processing using Panagos Eco-Friendly depulper.

Daye Bensa is located at the heart of Shantawene Village with in10km from Daye town in the midst of natural forest and indigenous trees which are expected to be older than 200 years. The farm is at a reachable distance to out-growers in Bombe, Shantawene, and Keramo villages. It is surround by rivers, one of them separating Shantawene from Bombe which runs from the hills above Karamo. To maintain natural shades and the fertility of the soil with consultancy of expertise from the ministry of agriculture, various shade trees are planted in the farm.

This lovely Ethiopian coffee is a honey process. If you’re asking, “What is a honey process coffee?”, you are not alone! Honey process is a method of processing coffees, where some, but not all, of the coffee cherry is stripped from the bean. They are then spread out to dry, and once dried, they are milled, bagged, and shipped. This honey process results in a fruitier cup of coffee. While the coffee won’t typically be as fruity as a natural process coffee, it is usually more fruity than a washed process coffee.

Along with out-growers’ farms it is verified as Organic, C.A.F.E PRACTICE , UTZ and Rain Forest Alliances.

12 oz. bag
Tasting notes: Raisin, Nectarine, Floral