Colombia Los Naranjos


12 oz. bag
Tasting Notes: Stonefruit, Plum, Cinnamon


Los Naranjos is a 3 hectare farm near Caldono, Cauca, Colombia. Shaded by guamo, plantain, and cachimbo trees, at an altitude of 2,020 meters above sea level, Efraín Ituyán and his wife, Carmen Julia produce some stunning coffee.

Don Efraín is a second-generation coffee farmer whose grandparents migrated from Ecuador to Colombia in the 1920s. Don Efraín’s parents earned a living as migrant workers, picking coffee in Southern Colombia, eventually saving enough money to settle in Caldono.

Recent years have been especially challenging for Don Efraín and Carmen Julia due to several health issues that have affected him, thus placing more responsibilities on her shoulders. Regardless, she has remained by his side, caring for him and the coffee trees on the farm where they raised their children.

This coffee is special to us! It represents Don Efraín and Carmen Julia’s entire harvest, and it is the first time ever that their coffee has been exported from Colombia.

We are super proud to offer it to you, and very thankful to Luis at Cosecha Traders for finding such a wonderful coffee, and bringing it to the USA.

We taste notes of Stonefruit, Plum, and Cinnamon.