Colombia La Pedregosa


12 oz. bag

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Afro-Colombians settled among indigenous peoples in a remote part of Cajibio, Cauca, Colombia, in the middle of the 20th century. They were hired by multinational companies to establish pine tree farms and to work in sugar cane plantations. For years, the settlers trekked over the mountains and across the La Pedregosa River to buy foodstuffs, fertilizers, tools, and livestock.

As a result, the settlers established a general store, saving them the hours-long trips through the mountains. The store gradually became a meeting place for the community, leading to the founding of La Pedregosa Farmers Cooperative (ASOCAMP), named after the river that runs through it, that today exports specialty coffee all over the world.

However, its success today has not come without overcoming great adversity. In 2007, ASOCAMP re-launched the association focusing on accessing specialty coffee markets, after several of its founding members died as illegal groups vied for control of drug routes.

Cosecha Traders proudly supports ASOCAMP, a farmers association that stands by its community, despite facing adversity. This uniques coffee comprises 5 Afro-Colombian farmers who are committed to telling their communities’ stories through coffee.

We are proud to offer this coffee, imported by our friends at Cosecha Traders, to you! This story is not uncommon for Colombian coffees, and its an honor to be able to offer a product that the coffee farmers have literally given their lives for. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

This coffee is our main espresso at our café, but we think it also makes an exceptional filter coffee! Grown at elevations of 1500-1600 meters above sea level, this washed process coffee is solid! Tasting notes of Blackberry, Chocolate, and Orange.