Colombia Francisco Oliveros


Tasting Notes: honey sweetness, berry acidity, maple finish


Growing up in the countryside, Francisco remembers being fascinated by animals and
dreaming of becoming a veterinarian. Life would have other plans for Francisco when he
studied agricultural engineering at Cauca University and began to learn more about coffee
farming. He became so interested in coffee reproduction that he sought an internship with a
local coffee association. During this time, he faced challenges such as understanding the
intricacies of coffee farming, managing the workload, and adapting to the new environment. In
2021, he joined Identidad Cafeteria, a producer’s group that buys and sells specialty coffee.

Once he began processing specialty coffee lots, Francisco admits the culture shock was
significant. The work was backbreaking, he remembers. Awareness of cherry color changes,
fermentation times, and its sensory analysis, or cupping, was extraordinarily challenging.
However, those experiences and lessons learned based on trial and error helped hone this lot
into what it is now. He recalls the fear involved when he decided to increase the fermentation
times, a decision that was crucial in improving the flavor and quality of his coffee. After all, he
invested significant resources and time into the first batches. “The process made me realize how
hard it may be for an older farmer to change his mindset after producing coffee a specific way
during his entire life,” says Francisco. He is thankful to many friends who guided him through
the process, describing their help as invaluable.

Francisco’s dreams for his farm are as vibrant as the coffee he cultivates. He envisions an
efficient farm with standardized processes, a vision he acknowledges is challenging but not
impossible. His aim is to produce 70 – 80 percent specialty coffee, a goal that he knows requires
continuous effort. He yearns to farm Gesha and other exotic varietals, a testament to his
adventurous spirit. With his new seedlings expected to bear fruit in approximately two years, he
dreams of his farm gaining recognition through coffee contests. In the meantime, Francisco
remains committed to maintaining and improving the quality of his trees.


  • Producer: Francicso Oliveros
  • Department: Cauca
  • Municipality: El Tambo
  • Farm: Finca La Guaca
  • Altitude: 1670 MASL
  • Variety: Yellow and Red Colombia
  • Process: Fully Washed, 40 hour fermentation

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