Colombia Esperanza de las Flores


Tasting notes: tropical fruit, apple, chocolate


Esperanza de las Flores comprises coffee from three women's groups living under different realities working to foster peace through specialty coffee in their communities. While many communities thrive after the signing of a peace agreement, others continue to endure the effects of an unrelenting armed conflict. Nonetheless, this coffee represents the power women have to inspire those who continue to struggle for a brighter future.

In Timbío, where weapons have gone silent, women regularly attend training sessions on producing specialty coffee. They organize and mobilize their families around building their coffee enterprises and communicate with each other regularly. In contrast, women in El Tambo, a town suffering the effects illicit crop production has on society, have been relegated to a secondary role in their community. “In this community, it isn't easy for the men to accept that we can be independent”, says a woman farmer. Although they are becoming so by producing specialty coffee, much more needs to be done for them and their families to have a fair opportunity.

For this reason, Esperanza de las Flores deserves one name to represent all: Esperanza, meaning hope for a peaceful future, and Flores represents each woman farmer that builds peace by example, love, intellect, and coffee.

This is our main espresso at our café. It's wonderfully soft, delicate, and delicious.

We taste: tropical fruit, apple, chocolate