Colombia Alexander Yugue


12oz bag
Tasting notes: orange, honey, chocolate


When Alexander was young, there was a severe economic problem in his region. He and another group of young people decided to improve their situation by growing coffee. Their efforts served as an example for others in his community to begin processing specialty coffee.

Alexander has been growing coffee for 20 years, and for the last 6, he has processed specialty coffee. When he first started, he obtained poor results, but they only motivated him to work harder. The coffee Cosecha Traders offers is the result of his efforts to become a better coffee farmer.

This year is Alexander’s second producing excellent specialty coffee, and it is the first time that his coffee will be roasted and brewed outside of Colombia. Alexander dreams of improving his drying beds, farming more varietals, and providing a promising future to his daughter, who is currently in college. He continues to study current tendencies to improve his coffee-processing skills. At present, he is becoming an organic-certified farmer, and we are sure that he will succeed due to his discipline and passion.

  • Department: Cauca

  • Varietal: Colombia, F5, Caturra, Castillo

  • Altitude: 1600 MASL

  • Process: Washed double fermentation

  • Shade Trees: Guamos, citrus, cachimbo, cedar, and bamboo

We taste: orange, honey, chocolate