Doing what we love

Essence Coffee Roasters was started because of a dream. A vision of sourcing, roasting, and crafting only finest coffees we could find. It's our single focus, our overarching mission, and our passion.

Our Process

Sourcing specialty coffee

We're often asked: "How do you source your coffee?" It's a vital part of who we are. We develop and cultivate relationships with ethical importers, and quality focused farmers. We sample dozens of coffees, and select a few that stand out. We pay a premium for these, to reward the farmers for their hard work, and to enable them to increase quality even further, and make a living. This also incentivizes other farmers to increase their quality. It's a win-win. They're happy, we're happy, you're happy!

Artisan Roasted

All of our coffee is roasted on our Giesen W6. We use a batch size of 4kg, or just under 9lbs. No automatic controls or processes. Everything is manual, and a labor of love. Constant attention is needed, adjusting gas and airflow. Engaging the senses. Watching the beans change from green, to yellow, to brown, smelling the wonderful aromas, listening to the coffee enter first crack. 


Mastery of art

At the perfect moment, when sweetness is balanced with acidity, and nuance and complexity are at their peak, the coffee is dropped from the roasting drum into the cooling tray. Quickly cooling the roasted coffee is critical to prevent the coffee from continuing to roast. A stirring arm stirs the coffee, and a fan pulls air through the beans to aid with rapid cooling.


Packaging and shipping

We pride ourselves on delivering fresh, delicious coffee to you as quickly as possible. Within 24 hours from being roasted, the coffee is packaged, and shipped to you. Most orders are shipped with 2nd day delivery, meaning that you get your coffee less than 72 hours after it was roasted! Fresh!

Providing a space for incredible people —


It's our laser focus. Everything we use is simply the best we can find. Equipment, coffee, ingredients, and even our baristas... We hold our products and each other to high standards.


Nothing is more important than community. That's why we endeavor to source as much of our product as we can right here locally. We support the small business's that are vital to a thriving community.


Our pledge to you is that our service will always be second to none. We know that no matter how good our coffee is, our service has to be even better! If we make a mistake, we will make it right!